A soccer coach wants to give fans half an hour to tear into “weak” players who lack “male genetalia”

Man-management is a pretty key component to soccer management. And Carlisle United coach Keith Curle must not be very good at it, because he’s considering outsourcing that part of his job. To a pack of angry fans.

Carlisle United is fourth from the bottom of League Two (the fourth tier in England). After five games in a row without a win, Curle got curt.

“The strength of character in that changing room is alarmingly weak. You’ve got to be accountable for yourself and have pride. There are players who can’t say they care. They put in a performance that shows they don’t,” Curle told BBC Radio Cumbria. “They are players who don’t deserve to be professionals. They are weak.”

He went on:

“It’s a time where people need to grow up, there’s a naivety, a softness, a lack of care and passion.”

Carlisle United v Northampton Town - Sky Bet League Two

Luckily, Curle has a solution (that doesn’t involve firing the coach).

“I might get 50 supporters to come down, have an open forum and through Andrew Jenkins they can have half an hour with the players. They can tell them exactly what they think of them, and they’ll have to take it. Supporters can see when people aren’t giving everything for the shirt.”

Jenkins is the chairman.

This is a very fine idea, except Curle presumably will want at least 11 players uninjured/still alive for the next five matches of the season.

Update: Curle didn’t end there. He also ranted about players lacking “male genetalia.”

“We’ve got to play people with the male genitalia to go out and play, but I don’t think I can do that as I’d only start with five or six players because I don’t think there are players there that have got the male genitalia.”


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