Desire to emulate Tim Sherwood comes back to haunt Tim Sherwood

Aston Villa drew 3-3 with QPR on Tuesday, but that’s not important. What matters is that Tim Sherwood hurled his coat to the ground in what’s becoming his trademark celebration. Not that we see it often since he’s moved to Villa, obviously.

All head coaches have their particular touchline style. Arsene Wenger has his puffer jacket/sleeping bag, Tony Pulis his baseball cap. Exeter City’s Paul Tisdale is known for his cravat. And Sherwood wears gilets, and uses them as props for his technical area comedy routines.

Except that when a BBC reporter asked him about it after the match, we learnt startling news about Sherwood’s outerwear. “It’s not a gilet, it’s a coat. They sold out of gilets,” he said.

What, Villa’s supplier didn’t even hold one back for the manager? And yet the mascot has one? With that kind of poor judgment, no wonder the club’s struggling. Sounds like systemic failure at Villa Park.

Aston Villa v Stoke City - Premier League

Or possibly Sherwood’s the ironic victim of his own success: since he replaced Paul Lambert, his well-known penchant for sleeveless jackets has caused demand to surge among Villa fans who want replica gilets with “SHERWOOD” on the back.

Or maybe it’s just cold in Birmingham, so lots of people buy gilets. Either way, it’s April. Soon, it’s going to be warm, even in England. And what will Sherwood do then? Rip off his T-shirt and throw it to the ground if Villa stave off relegation with a last-day win over Burnley on May 24?



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