Luis Enrique got caught on camera telling Sergio Busquets to pick up a yellow card, denied it

So this is a really funny controversy.

You may have seen video of Celta de Vigo forward Fabian Orellana throwing a patch of grass at Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets. This was because Orellana was annoyed that Busquets was wasting an unreasonably long time to take a free kick in the dying minutes of Barcelona’s narrow 0-1 victory over the Galician side.

Yesterday, Canal Plus’ excellent show “El Dia Despues”, which is hosted by Santi Cañizares (rememeber him? He kind of looked like the main replicant in Blade Runner), found some footage of Barca manager Luis Enrique clearly asking Busquets to force a yellow card so that he can serve a suspension for the seemingly easy upcoming match against Almeria. You see, Almeria isn’t very good and it just fired manager Juan Ignacio Martinez (JIM) and replaced him with former member of Barca’s fabled Dream Team, Sergi Barjuan. Luis Enrique would rather have Busquets with a clean slate for the remaining stretch in La Liga.

The problem is that technically you’re not supposed to do this, and Barcelona could face a sanction. So today Luis Enrique spoke to the press and flat-out lied. It was a funny lie. His face says it all.

Luis Enrique claims that he was merely warning Busquets about getting another yellow, not asking him to force a yellow. That’s cool, except it makes no fucking sense. Why would he warn Busquets about getting a meaningless yellow card at the end of a game, forcing him to miss the next game against mighty Almeria?

This is just silly. I for one think it should be kosher to force a yellow and thus wipe the slate clean. It happens all the time, and everybody knows it.

Still. Luis Enrique’s chutzpah is admirable.