Ludacris talks Billboard Music Awards, double Ds, and his rapping contest

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On Tuesday, Ludacris announced the Billboard Music Award nominations, as well as that the fact that he’ll host the ceremony alongside Chrissy Teigen on May 17.
But beyond that, Luda‘s got a lot going on these days. In addition to the awards, he stars in the current hottest blockbuster movie, “Furious 7.” He also released his newest album a few days ago called “Ludaversal.”
And then he challenged his Twitter fans to rap, line by line, “Ludaversal (Intro),” the first song on the album. It’s also one of the fastest raps we’ve ever heard and pretty much impossible to recreate Luda‘s fast rhymes.
Fusion’s Jess Blank took a crack at it.
Luda was not impressed. Luckily, the rest of the interview went better!