Russian soccer fans continue training for the 2018 World Cup, rioted this weekend in Tula

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is taking place in Russia, home of notable events and figures such as Pussy Riot, repression, beatings due to racism, homophobia and boredom, and (SPOILER) the family from the FX series The Americans. I include this last, playful reference to The Americans because I want you to have just a touch of fun before descending into a world of nonsensical violence.

This weekend in the Russian Premier League, Torpedo Moscow traveled to Tula (a city about 120 miles south of Moscow) to take on Arsenal. A soccer game happened, which ultimately ended in a 3-1 victory for Torpedo.

Yay for Torpedo fans! Actually, forget that. Screw them, because this also happened (WARNING: EXTREME VIOLENCE):

Maybe it’s slightly unfair to think that 2018 World Cup stadiums will be filled with hooligans who frequent Russian league games. Maybe the ruffians will be priced out.

That theory always works its way into the “hey, everything’s going to be just fine” rotation. But we probably shouldn’t use that lazy rationale as a reason to ignore an obvious reality: outbursts of insanity at Russian Premier League games aren’t abnormal. And whether these hooligans will be at games probably doesn’t matter much. They’ll be around in some form little over three years from now, when the world is supposed to descend on Mother Russia.

I assume, by then, everyone will feel comfortable with all of the madness. Right?