Pat Robertson says Sundays aren’t for soccer

“Which is more important: Jesus or soccer?”

I’m not touching that one. At least not right here, right now. But you know who will? Television evangelist, predictor of end times, former Republican presidential candidate, prolific sayer of crazy things Pat Robertson, who was bringing his usual heat today on the 700 Club, one of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s flagship shows.

Terri, a mother struggling with whether to allow her son to play soccer on Sundays, emailed Robertson for advice on handling the situation. Her son’s goal was to earn a college soccer scholarship. That typically, although not always, includes having to play on Sundays during high school years.

Robertson essentially responded with “I got this,” but using many, many more words, complete with fun Pat Robertson-esque anecdotes. Have a watch:

Take what you will (or not) from Robertson’s advice. But know this: Even though Pat Robertson will probably live forever, he’ll probably never run the U.S. Soccer Federation or Major League Soccer at any point. Or … stay with me … or he’s right about the importance of days of rest, and Pat Robertson, champion of relaxation, is America’s best hope of winning the World Cup by 2022.

If you have questions about the specifics of Robertson’s plan to take U.S. soccer to the next level, feel free to shoot them over to him here. One of them may end up on the 700 Club.

Good luck!