Here’s what Fusion’s new show, ‘Come Here and Say That,’ is all about

Tonight, we launch Fusion’s new nightly TV show, “Come Here and Say That.” That makes it kind of a first date with me, the host, Alicia Menendez. So I figured it would be a good time to explain why you should spend the night with me, as it were.

I’m Alicia. I grew up in Jersey. If you had to compare me to a character from “The Babysitters Club,” I’d be a combination of Kristy and Mary Anne. I went to Harvard — not in the gross way! I’m married — but also not in that weird, “Oh look at me, I’m married” kind of way! My husband and I live in Miami, and that’s where the show tapes.

I do my own taxes. I’m a bad driver, but a good dancer, and I’ll find any opportunity to sing. I’m a big fan of Oprah, over-sharers, and both cereal and “Serial.” I think “A League of Their Own” is the greatest movie of all time.

I spend most of my days at my desk in a polka-dot hoodie, and only slip into my fabulous TV-host heels right before I get on set. I also take them off the second the show’s over. And every once in a while, I can’t lie, I’m gonna sneak some booze into that mug you’ll see me holding.

That’s me. And now for you. I know you’re busy, so my goal with “Come Here and Say That” is to make the most of the time you have, by sharing my take on news, pop culture, and the weird shit I found on the internet. But not porn. You can find that yourself.

Come hang out with me starting tonight, weeknights, at 11 p.m. right here on Fusion. You can also check us out on social media at all the spots below. Don’t be a stranger!

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