Milan’s under-10s reportedly targets of racial abuse

In the “how low can you go” stakes, racially abusing 10-year-olds is pretty much subterranean.

The Universal Cup — a youth tournament on Italy’s west coast that’s supposed to be about international friendship — has been tarnished by allegations of racist abuse from the crowd toward AC Milan under-10s black players during a 4-0 win over a Paris Saint-Germain team.

“There was alleged incidents of racism from certain ‘people’ in the stands towards Milan’s black players,” said a report on Milan’s official website. “We do not wish to magnify the issue, but truly hope that these reports aren’t true or that it was simply a sporadic incident. If they were to be confirmed, then it would be simply unacceptable.”

This comes more than two years after Milan’s senior team walked off the field as a result of racist abuse during an exhibition game against a lower-league club.

Not that racism, even towards kid players, is just an Italian problem, of course.

Earlier today a “no to racism” video appeared on the Universal Cup’s Facebook page. We can only hope that those attending the tournament get the message.