Sergio Busquets’ most dramatic performance yet earned an opponent a red card on Sunday

Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets is a midfielder of the highest order. His “trophy cabinet” is full of all sorts of trinkets, including a World Cup, a European Championship belt, La Liga titles, etc. He’s widely lauded for his organization and defensive discipline, which provides the foundation for Barcelona’s more offensive players to get forward and inflict damage on generally less capable individuals.

But Busquets is also world-renowned for his theatrical background and is never shy about showing it on the field. Unfortunately for Celta Vigo’s Fabián Orellana, he was caught in the middle of what might be Busquets’ greatest-ever performance.

Towards the end of Sunday’s game Celta Vigo between Barcelona, the Catalan side was awarded a free kick. I’ll let Busquets tell the rest of the story:

Amazing, no?

What you just witnessed was Orellana picking up grass and throwing it at Busquets, and then Busquets going into Best Foreign Film mode. Maybe the grass was poison ivy. Maybe the bundle of blades was made out of green steel. The only reason we can’t say for sure is because Busquets is a performer of the highest order.

Mastering art requires dedication and acute attention to detail. Don’t be one of those fools who thinks that natural talent is the key to great art. What Busquets did involved years and years of training. Watch the commitment in his performance. Watch the impeccable form. None of this is an accident; it’s all by design.

Next time someone tells you that classical training is a waste of time, please send them this video and then tell them “That kind of attitude is why you’re so mediocre.” And then fall over in honor of Sergio Busquets.