Tijuana’s Juan Arango is the latest player to bite somebody

Biting. All the kids are doing it.

This weekend Club Tijuana faced Monterrey in Liga MX action. The Xolos lost 4-3 to Monterrey, but it looks as if they could very will win the headline battle, thanks to their Venezuelan international midfielder Juan Arango .

Arango was caught on camera Suarez-ing Jesús Zavala on the shoulder. It was an intense, seemingly heart-felt chomp, but the referee didn’t catch it, and therefore couldn’t do anything about it during play despite complaints lodged by Zavala and his teammates.

Thankfully for those who aren’t fans of strategic biting in the game, the league will review the incident. This still shot will probably appear with some frequency during the review.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.17.28 PM

Arango faces a ban after the league review is complete.

Also, look at those eyes. That’s definitely a strange way to eat something. The eye contact is uncomfortable, in a “What other types of crazy things are you into” or an unreasonably proud “Hell yeah I dip my fries in mayo” kind of way.