Vanderlei Luxemburgo responded to a suspension by taping his mouth shut

Flamengo manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo is not happy with the São Paulo state soccer federation. And the São Paulo federation is not happy that Luxemburgo is talking about how unhappy is.

Unfortunately for Luxemburgo, the federation is the only side in this fight with power, which is why the manager has been suspended for two matches.

Luxemburgo’s response? Tape his mouth shut. Literally.

The rift started when Luxemburgo criticized the squad limits imposed on teams in the state league, saying that allowing just five youth players made for a bad developmental policy. That those limits, along with injuries and international duty, left his Flamengo side with just two recognized centerbacks for a match probably didn’t help.

It’s a complaint that seems entirely reasonable. After all, even the archaic Premier League allows teams an unlimited number of youth players in the squad.

But is it possible that those comments aren’t what actually upset the federation? Let’s see now Luxemburgo followed up his complaints.

“We need to beat up the FERJ (the Sao Paulo state federation).”


The federation, because it has the power and probably doesn’t like threats sat Luxemburgo down. Easy, simple, effective. But it is pretty boring.

Thankfully, Luxemburgo doesn’t do boring.

“They won’t shut me up. My movement will continue. If they wish to remove me from the league, from the Carioca [state championship], come get me. If they want to do it in an arbitrary manner without any basis, they can. I won’t give my opinion anymore, but they won’t shut me up. They’ll only shut me up when they put this [tape] here.”

Luxemburgo then put the tape over his mouth and walked out of the press conference.

Mic drop. Tape drop. DEUCES.