Vote: Giovinco had another big game for Toronto, but would he win a knife fight against Kaká?

Toronto FC’s best offseason acquisition so far (sorry, Josmer) has been ex-Juventus midfielder Sebastian Giovinco. The man’s game is as fancy as he is short.

Today, the Atomic Ant delivered his first goal for his new employers. It was pretty by no means — Chicago Fire goalkeeper Jon Busch may have to be investigated by a FIFA justice tribunal for allowing the ball into his net — but it counts all the same.

He also delivered this slick pass near midfield, certifying to everyone in attendance that he is, in fact, European.

Later, in what would be an entertaining 3-2 win for Chicago, Giovinco dropped a dime on Benoit Cheyrou for Toronto’s second.

Yes, these clips are impressive, but one important question remains about Giovinco’s status in MLS: Could he beat Kaká — the “other” expensively creative new midfielder in MLS — in a knife fight? Vote below!