Galatasaray’s Wesley Sneijder released a set of knives on the anniversary of Leeds fans being stabbed in Istanbul

You know how companies always have two or three people go over new products? And then another two or three people check everything over again when they get ready to promote it? This is why.

Wesley Sneijder promoted a Galatasaray branded knife set on Saturday. A tweet from the midfielder’s account read, “Finally, my @GalatasaraySK knife set is now available and can be delivered everywhere.” This picture accompanied it.


Besides the fact that we’re selling knives with a club brand to a group of fans who really like fire — because what could go wrong with fire and knives!? — there is one much larger problem: Saturday was the 15th anniversary of a Turkish man stabbing and killing two Leeds fans before Galatasaray met the English club in a UEFA Cup match.


That is a spectacular level of ignorance and callousness. Emphasis on the ignorance. Sneijder appeared to have no idea about the fan stabbings and when it was pointed out to him, he immediately deleted the promotion and apologized.

It’s not like Sneijder would know that. When the stabbing happened, Sneijder was a teenager in the Ajax academy. He had no reason to be overly concerned with the goings on of UEFA Cup fan clashes, Leeds United or Galatasaray.

But that is why those other people exist. You know, the people whose jobs it is to make sure that products are debuted correctly and effectively. And that promotions are done well an tastefully. And who double- and triple-check every single thing done because that is their job.

Sneijder’s job is to play soccer. It’s a job he’s rather good at. And while it’s unclear if the people in charge of checking over promotions just failed at their jobs, no one was assigned to do them or Sneijder thought he was sending a harmless tweet, something went very, very wrong.