Ryan Bertrand and his daughter have his and hers Ferraris

Ryan Bertrand has delivered some digital gold to the masses on this Good Friday. The Southampton defender took to Instagram and posted a picture of his new Ferrari 458 with a special guest: his daughter, who had a matching mini ride of her own.

Please be sure to press play to get the full Lil Wayne-infused magnificence of Bertrand’s post.

His and hers ❤️

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Southampton may have done a slow dip out of the Premier League top four, but the Bertrands are showing some Champions League-quality. Who knew having a kid could be anything other than terrible? Lil’ Bertrand is now securely on a path to soccer success. This is so great that I won’t even add unnecessary commentary about how much I don’t like Lil’ Wayne’s music.

Now, Baby Bertrand is stuntin’ like her daddy. Thanks to her pops, she’s already developing the tools necessary to star in the Women’s Super League. Hell, if she’s already in a Ferrari at her age, she’s probably going to be too good to be limited by any league’s gender designation. Someone needs to get this child into their academy immediately.

Lest you believe Young Bertrand to be all style and no substance, understand this young lady has her head on straight. Before she was out in these streets pushing a Ferrari, her 1-to-10 counting game was already on point.

Ryan Bertrand is raising his girl properly. He probably has teammates that can’t count to 10 with this level of confidence. Applaud this man.

We worry so much about youth development here in America, but I have yet to see a single MLS player’s baby in a Ferrari. Not sure if that’s due to a lack of parental responsibility on the part of the players or insufficient leadership from U.S. Soccer, all the way up to Sunil Gulati. Regardless, it’s something that needs to be addressed if the U.S. is ever going to be taken seriously.


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