POLL: Is Raheem Sterling wrong for refusing Liverpool’s latest contract offer?

Raheem Sterling is currently an employee of Liverpool Football Club. As the result of him writing his name at the bottom of a piece of paper some time ago, he is presently scheduled to retain this condition until the summer of 2017. A keen observer will note that it is presently April 2015. Despite this temporal fact, the status of Sterling’s contract has been a hot topic this week.

The prevailing rumor is that Liverpool offered the 20 year old attacker a 100,000-pound-per-week contract extension, but he and his camp are hesitant to settle on that price. As is often the case, when an athlete — particularly a very young one — is reported to have turned down large sums of money to engage in sports, it brings about a series of loud, often silly conversations with people using words like “deserve,” “earn,” “loyalty,” and other works-better-in-movies-than-reality conceptual shit.

For his part, Raheem Sterling has (publicly) held steadfast that his reluctance to sign an extension with the only club he has ever known has less to do with money, and more to do with making sure that he commits his long-term future to a club that puts him in the best position to win. Many Liverpool supporters don’t appear too interested in Sterling’s version of the truth, calling him everything just short of a gold-digging whore. Tough crowd.

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