Fabricio is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore

Internacional defender Fabricio probably woke up on Wednesday having dreamed of being the hero of the club’s Brazilian state championship game against Ypiranga. He ended the day as the soccer equivalent of Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Only slightly more violent and unreasonable.

Turns out, there’s only so much injustice a man can take before he stops playing – while in possession of the ball – goes over to his own fans, shows them both middle fingers, is sent off, wrestles with teammates and rips off his jersey as the supporters cheer his exit and storms into the tunnel ranting “I’m leaving, I’m leaving!

These things happen. But rather than praising Fabricio’s form of vigilante justice against his tormentors, the club suspended him for disrespecting the jersey. “The fans will understand,” said an impressively naive teammate, Juan, according to Jack Lang. “He’s an emotional guy and always gives his all. He’s a hothead.”

Former Manchester United midfielder Anderson was also sent off during the match, though for an off-the-ball shove, not flipping off thousands of people.