Some young idiot advertised intent to bomb Barcelona’s Camp Nou

It appears that La Liga fans are getting bored, because every week, fans in Spain are finding newer, more inventive ways to be awful. Just when we thought the car-punching fans of Real Madrid had cornered the market on fan irrationality, a young fan with too much time on his hands, too much internet access, and not enough common sense has claimed the top spot. A 17-year-old – whose name has not been made public – has been charged with threatening to detonate a bomb at Barcelona’s Camp Nou on May 30, the day Barça faces Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final.

According to a police statement issued this morning:

“The National Police have charged a young man who threatened an attack at Camp Nou in the final of the Copa del Rey. The accused, 17, posted on a social network site several comments relating to the sporting event. In one of them, he claimed he was preparing a set off a bomb on the day of the match.”

Hot take: Bomb threats are cowardly and fake bomb threats are cowardly and moronic. This particular young idiot attempted to delete the social media profile he used to make the threat, in hopes that it would prevent him or her (in the name of equality, we must acknowledge the rights of women to be as willfully stupid as men tend to be) from being identified. In that perfectly millennial mindstate, the pre-adult apparently wasn’t aware that everything on the internet last forever. Some of us keep our digital mistakes to drunk texts and the occasional nude photo (don’t lie), but this dope decided to pretend he or she wanted to kill thousands of innocent people.

Dream big, kids. If you want to be an asshole, go all the way with it. Be such an asshole that it gets you on international news (namelessly) and puts you a federal prison for several years. It’ll be a great story for your grandkids. When they’re bummed out about denting the family car, you can sit them down and tell them about the time you missed the prom because you went on the internet and lied about wanting to murder strangers. Dummy.