Art review: Mario Balotelli’s latest Instagram post

Liverpool forward Mario Balotelli might just be the greatest post-modern artist alive. That’s truly amazing when you realize that creating thought-provoking Instagram art isn’t even Balotelli’s primary profession.

The prolific Italian Instagram artist revealed his latest work earlier today, entitled:


While those unfamiliar with Balotelli’s back story may not fully comprehend the levels at play here, those who are aware of his long history of struggle with double-breasted suits will at least be able to penetrate several layers of the Italian international’s scathing commentary. His most poignant assault, though, on society’s perpetual need to paint those who wear double-breasted, grey suits with one broad, monolithic stroke, should be clear to even the most casual observers. Balotelli’s brilliant use of Instagram filters, together with a muted yet textured backdrop, offers a salient lens through which one can examine the origins of lazy thought about double-breasted, grey suits, providing at least a path toward constructive conversation, if not answers.

The piece’s comments only reinforced the idea that constructive conversation was a real possibility.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 5.33.38 PM


That’s how you can quickly spot a great post-modern artist, by noticing when people can’t agree on what’s even being discussed. Is the suit color the problem, or is it the lack of a pocket square?

Mario Balotelli’s Instagram art will one day be in a fine art museum next to that one-off Wu-Tang album, Kid Cudi lyrics, and Mix Diskerud tweets. In the meantime, we should really sit back and take the time to appreciate Balotelli’s art. We may never see this level of greatness again, at least not in this world.



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