Luka Modric keeps it 100 with children, says his backup job was barman

Yesterday, Real Madrid midfielder with boy-ish hair Luka Modric was still in Zagreb. Although Croatia had already rudely dismissed Norway, 5-1, in a Euro 2016 qualifier days earlier, Modric was still in country and ended up spending some quality time with a bunch of kids, because that’s a very decent thing to do.

According to AS, part of Modric’s day with the children involved a little Q&A time. I know: Aww.

In response to one question, Modric responded: “I’ve experienced special emotions and made friends at every club I’ve been at. I think I’m probably more comfortable at Real Madrid than I have been anywhere else.”

Fair enough.

The Croatian playmaker was also asked whether it was difficult to line up against 12-year-old-like club teammate Martin Odegaard, who’s actually 16. Modric kept it completely 💯, saying, “Judging by the result, not really, no. But Martin is a great talent and his has got a great future and career ahead of him.”

You don’t end up playing for Real Madrid without having a ruthless streak. Modric’s response to the Odegaard question also served as a warning to the kids. Age is not a sanctuary in Luka Modric’s world. No one is safe. Not even the children in front of him asking questions.

And then came the bombshell. You’ve probably spent hours wondering about this. Luka, what would you be if you didn’t play soccer?

“I would probably have been a barman.”

What? Modric absolutely wins the “Keep in 💯” award. He just told a bunch of children that if he didn’t play soccer, he’d spend all of his time in a bar, presumably either drinking or serving people drinks while drinking. Modric obviously doesn’t distinguish between children and other kinds of humans. If you ask a question, there will be no sugarcoating of answers just because you’re an eight-year-old.

Keep this man away from children.


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