Live blog, Switzerland vs. United States: For none of the marbles


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Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20152:01 pm

So here’s what I learned today: I really want some chocolate.

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20152:01 pm

Did it ever really start?

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:59 pm

Is it over yet?

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:54 pm

This is what equalizing looks like.

Stocker, the Swiss goal scorer didn’t even celebrate. He doesn’t even care. Why should we? Or do we?

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:51 pm

The U.S. conceded a goal because that’s what they do. It’s 1-1 and 2-1 is coming.

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:47 pm

Hahaha. [laughter emojis]

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:45 pm

You just need to have some faith.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:43 pm

If he was really doing that, he’d have used an emoji after. He didn’t even say hashtag. I don’t believe your theory.

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:42 pm

He was quoting bible passages, Ryan. Both sides. Gotta hear ’em. #FreeJozy

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:42 pm

Can you imagine if Wayne Rooney got a card every time he told the ref to fuck off?

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:38 pm

Jozy Altidore gets a red card for a foul and then swearing at the ref. Now the U.S. has their excuse for the late goals they give up.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:32 pm

You haven’t even called for Jonathan Bornstein yet

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:30 pm

Jozy Altidore as No. 10. I hope Klinsmann experiments until everyone can’t tolerate it anymore. And then I hope he experiments some more until Nick RImando is starting up top. I really enjoy entertainment, by the way.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:25 pm

They keep kicking Gyasi Zardes and, as a completely unbiased Galaxy fan, I WILL STAB THEM IF THEY KEEP DOING THIS.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:23 pm

The U.S. gets away with a handball in the box. The gods are working for America.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:22 pm

So this Michael Bradley as a No. 10 thing…

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:17 pm

Didn’t help him find the goal on that header, but that’s true.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:17 pm

Aaaaad Gyasi Zardes comes inches away from making it 2-0. If his hair was a little blonder it would have gone in.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:16 pm

Just remember that Zardes’ hair is the cutest USMNT story.

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:15 pm

More believable blond: Yarbrough or Gyasi?

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:13 pm

Miriti Murungi March 31, 20151:04 pm

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 20151:01 pm

It’s art, yo.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:59 pm

Brek Shea now has TWO goals for the U.S. in 2015.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:57 pm


Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:48 pm

Orozco has been burned twice 1v1 while lunging as the attacker feints. Maybe stop?

Also, 1v1 vs. Orozco is bad.
Miriti Murungi March 31, 201512:47 pm

First half talking point.

Miriti Murungi March 31, 201512:42 pm

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:41 pm

Oh hey, Nick Rimando is playing.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:37 pm

Michael Bradley missed the goal from six yards out with no pressure. I’m sure this won’t increase the heat on Klinsmann for playing him as an attacking player.

Miriti Murungi March 31, 201512:34 pm

I can’t get enough of this Klinsmann hot mic. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS EVEN TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW?

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:31 pm

But if the U.S. could feel the rhythm, they’d be bobsledders.

Richard Farley March 31, 201512:27 pm

Maybe that’s the problem with the U.S. recently, Ryan? After all, guilty feet have got no rhythm.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:26 pm

Someone should tell them to play some George Michael

Miriti Murungi March 31, 201512:25 pm

Aliens are not people. I thought the courts covered this already. Unless we’re in Indiana, then all bets are off.

Can we discuss this dope music instead?

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:24 pm

I never thought I’d see this side from you, Miriti. You’re questioning people because of what planet they’re from. You’re better than that.

Miriti Murungi March 31, 201512:21 pm

I’m not having a go at Cozmo. But can you really trust aliens?

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:19 pm

No one has ever said that before, unless they’re trying to decide where to get breakfast food for dinner.

Richard Farley March 31, 201512:18 pm

We need Maxi Rodriguez here.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:17 pm

So you’ll defend Friedel, but have a go at Cozmo? You’re a monster.

Richard Farley March 31, 201512:16 pm

What’s Brad Friedel have to do with this, Miriti? Also, who’s the English dude doing color?

Miriti Murungi March 31, 201512:16 pm

LA Galaxy mascot has some biased feelings about this game. Someone needs to investigate Cozmo’s betting habits, by the way.

Miriti Murungi March 31, 201512:14 pm

Leave Brad Friedel alone, Ryan.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:14 pm

They really couldn’t get an American color commentator?

Miriti Murungi March 31, 201512:12 pm

This is pretty much all I’m watching for the next 90 minutes:

Richard Farley March 31, 201512:10 pm

Not for this game, no.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201512:10 pm

Would you stop eating chocolate for soccer?

Richard Farley March 31, 201512:07 pm

Empty Seats FC off to a great start in this one. When will soccer make it in Switzerland? 

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201511:51 am

Michael Bradley has become Bob Bradley. It’s not just the bald head, it’s that they speak exactly the same. He’s Michob Bradley.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 31, 201511:44 am


Jurgen Klinsmann has a bunch of bubble players in important positions where they’re sure to be tested. Is Klinsmann … testing them? Man, cray cray.