Interested in pop culture, music, and feminism? Enroll in Britney Spears 101

Very specific pop culture tributes are having a moment — aren’t they always? — in otherwise unassuming Brooklyn apartments. After you visit the world’s first Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan museum in Williamsburg, head over to Greenpoint to audit a class on Britney Spears.

Rachel Goldberg and Suri Ratnatunga, twentysomething coworkers with a mutual passion for the music superstar, started offering Britney Spears 101: From Humble Beginnings to Pop Icon in December. Hosting a maximum of 10 students per class in Goldberg’s apartment, they’re still going strong today.

The course considers Spears’ career, personal history, and legacy through a distinctly feminist lens, analyzing her agency as well as pop cultural depictions of women in general.

“A lot of people have that base understanding of ‘sexualized pop star’, but what else is there?” Goldberg told DNAInfo. “Even if you don’t care about her, you have an opinion on her, and you know something about her.”

The $25 ticket price includes drinks and punny snacks like “Baby One More Thyme” crackers. You can snag tickets for Goldberg and Ratnatunga’s April 19 session online now.