Potentially important: Daily Show host Trevor Noah likes soccer

You’ve heard: South African stand-up comic Trevor Noah will succeed Jon Stewart as the new host of The Daily Show, starting whenever Stewart steps down “later this year.” Those are some big shoes to fill, part of the reason why everyone’s talking about it; everyone’s writing about it. So of course, we had to have an obligatory Soccer Gods post.

I’ve been a big fan of Noah for a few years now. I just wanted to say that up front, so you’ll know that I’m better than you. You may be going big on Trevor today, but some people got there first. I was one of them.

With that formality out of the way, let’s get down to business. Why would we decide to write about Trevor Noah on Soccer Gods? Well, because he talks about sports, likes sports, and often tweets about sports. One of said sports is soccer; thus, Soccer Gods.

But there’s more. Noah’s appointment to President of the Daily Show has a special meaning for the American soccer public, considering the host of The Daily Show is one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. When he takes over, he will be on par with President Obama, President Putin, La India, Tim Cook, Oprah, Nancy Grace, Kim Kardashian, your bartender, Thierry Henry and Sade. There is no faster way to rig the American conversation than to hot wire the Daily Show and take it for a spin. And when you can do that regularly, you (soccer) will have made it. That’s when the hearts, minds and wallets open.

Said another way, Trevor Noah is an untapped avenue for American soccer, something that should be kept in mind while you memorize his catalog. Start with these two clips of him musing hysterically about sport and soccer. Get used to the voice. Get to know him. Because there’s work to be done.

The first eventually gets to soccer (around the 1:56 mark), but the build-up about general American sports coverage also delivers chuckles and is spot on:

We’ll have to check in with Noah once he gets hit with American soccer’s statistics and convoluted verbiage. What’s he going to think about Major League Soccer, with its rules and rules about rules and caps and drafts and caps and allocations? Or the fact that 63 percent of MLS conversation doesn’t even have anything to do with people actually playing soccer?

The second clip gets into South African soccer, particularly his thoughts on the South African men’s national team (Bafana Bafana), which are shared by somewhere between many and all South Africans.

Well, that should suffice as an introduction to Trevor Noah and soccer. And in case you’re wondering:

But he does have quality Arsenal (and other) soccer jokes on his Twitter dot com?