David Beckham strips yet again, reveals skin lacking tattoos

One of the main worries for the planet in the wake of David Beckham’s retirement is that we might be seeing less of his naked body. We needn’t have feared, though, as here it is yet again.

This time in a spoof underwear ad to promote the Late Late Show, which you’ve probably not noticed has a new host: friend of Becks, Brit comedian James Corden.

It’s clear Beckham hasn’t spent the 18 months since his retirement just sitting on the couch eating Doritos. But the footage also shows several square inches of his skin that still aren’t inked. Step up the pace, David. Every inch should be colored in.

One shortcoming with this skit is that Beckham’s real underwear ads are practically beyond parody – and mostly nowhere near the level of pretentiousness being skewered by Corden. Another is that we’re being asked to laugh at a fat guy, whose presence in an underwear ad is inherently absurd because people who look like real people are never in fashion commercials.

But if you’ve ever wanted to hear Beckham say, in his weedy London accent, “Is there a reason to life? Is there a meaning to my days?” then you’re in luck. Because who hasn’t wondered about David Beckham’s philosophical views, especially with regards to nihilism?