Gary Medel stomped on Neymar’s leg, is probably your grandfather’s favorite player

Gary Medel gets stuck in. Gary Medel plays with grit. Gary Medel is your grandfather’s favorite player.

Gary Medel also stomps on Neymar’s leg.

This is entirely unsurprising. Medel doesn’t really care where other people’s limbs are when he moves. He goes for the ball and if there are human beings in the way, so be it. It’s part of what makes him good. It’s also part of what makes him dangerous and insane.

And then there are the times when he’s not going for the ball, but he still doesn’t care about where other people are, except to damage said people. That is how his studs ended up in Neymar’s leg and then stayed there, pressing down to make sure he felt it.

But as predictable/terrible/hilarious as that is, it pales in comparison to what followed. If your grandfather knew what Instagram was, he would be all over Medel’s post that followed, screaming, “THIS IS WHAT SOCCER SHOULD BE, BEFORE IT BECAME A SPORT FOR WUSSES.”

Los roces son normales en el juego. Algunos hacen teatro y otros seguimos jugando…lastima que no todos lo vean.

A photo posted by Gary Medel (@gary_medel17) on

The caption reads:

“The frictions are normal in the game. Some make theater and other keep playing … shame that not all [can] see.”

Your grandfather is so happy. Stay stuck in, folks.

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