Didier Drogba, Mario Balotelli, and Thierry Henry took a selfie together and it should be on the 100 euro bill

The moon landing.

The Watch The Throne album.

Every Bayern Munich goal.

These are but of few of the greatest moments in the history of human collaboration. When greatness transcends individuality and unites to create an event much bigger than anything one person could accomplish on her own. When spirits align in such a meaningful way that those involved — as well as any of us fortunate enough to bare witness — will never be the same again.

This is what happened today — after the Steven Gerrard versus Jamie Carragher all-star charity game at Anfield — as three of the greatest humans of the last several centuries — Didier Drogba, Mario Balotelli, and Thierry Henry — gathered to take a locker room selfie. Behold!

@didierdrogba #thierryhenry LEGENDS😊 Always nice to see you guys 👍 @didierdrogba you are welcome for my pass😂

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I don’t even have a snappy comment to add here. The only thing that could make this better would be Paul Pogba standing in the back struggling to be seen.

This picture should be on the back of the 100 euro bill. I don’t care if Drogba isn’t European, and really, you shouldn’t either. Don’t be a bigot. Think about what he’s contributed to Europe’s economy over the years.

Show this photo to your children. Tell them to pick a role model, sit back and wait for them to be incredible. You have a 66.7 percent chance that they won’t pick Balotelli, but even if they did, you have to take the good with the bad. These three players may be the ultimate examples of coolness, defiance and confidence, respectively.