So Klinsmann asked Jones to put off groin surgery? That’s … not what happened

U.S. international Jermaine Jones hasn’t played a Major League Soccer match for New England this season. He’s been too busy recovering from hernia surgery, and surprise, surprise: It’s all Jurgen Klinsmann’s fault.

Yeah, Jones wanted to have the operation after the last MLS season, but Klinsmann asked him to come into training camp in January. So Jones delayed the surgery.

“There was not a real chance to take the break,” Jones told “Normally I was saying that after the World Cup I’m going to do it, but then everything moved here. Then I said okay, after the [MLS Cup] final I’ll do it. Then [USMNT] January camp, Jurgen [Klinsmann] said ‘I want you to come in.'”

So did Klinsmann want Jones to play in a training camp and then in meaningless friendlies with only domestic squads against Chile and Panama? That’s a whole new level of disrespect from Klinsmann. It’s embarrassing. The Revolution should probably sue him. Or gouge an eye out. Either way, Klinsmann’s taken his hatred of MLS to a whole new level.

Let’s go to U.S. Soccer, who is trying to undermine MLS at every turn, for comment.

Wait, see! Klinsmann and U.S. soccer didn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t even know Jones had a hernia when they called him into camp. And Klinsmann never said “screw your hernia, play for us in these practices because MLS isn’t even a real league and you left Europe like a wuss.” I can’t believe anybody would just assume Klinsmann did this one purpose.

Honestly, it’s disgusting to see the way people jump all over Jurgen Klinsmann. The Jurgen Klinsmann. They’re out here slandering one of the greatest strikers of his generation like he didn’t get the national team out of the Group of Death at last summer’s World Cup. They’re contriving scenarios, assuming Klinsmann’s making players play through pain at the least important point of the World Cup cycle. Talk about biased. It’s such an embarrassment to the American people when fans lash out with such ridiculousness.

That’s especially true because we know who the real culprit in Jermaine Jones Had a Hernia But Waited To Have Surgery Until It Ran Into the MLS Season Gate – the heathens who successfully negotiated MLS’s new collective bargaining agreement, signed so there wouldn’t be a work stoppage.

“I saw the chance with all this talk with the league and the players,” Jones said, regarding the timing of his surgery. But instead of that plan working out, the 2015 season started on time. And we’re being deprived of Jermaine Jones.

New England finally scored its first goals of the season today in Foxbrough, Mass., but does it really matter if Jones isn’t on the field. Klinsmann’s screw us … or maybe we’re screwing Klinsmann. Who knows, but as long as Jones isn’t on the field, somebody’s getting screwed.

This post was originally published with the headline “Jones says Klinsmann asked him to wait on groin surgery; U.S. Soccer disagrees.” We changed it. The implication Klinsmann asked Jones to delay surgery is refuted in the piece. After hearing feedback, we agree: putting the supposition in the headline becomes misleading.