When goal celebrations go wrong: Zambia’s K Stars leaves its goal empty, immediately concedes

The world of soccer doesn’t have enough great goal celebrations. Players don’t do anything outrageous with any regularity, there are too few well choreographed team dances, and we’ve even reached a point where not celebrating against your former team is a good thing.* So whenever a team absolutely loses its mind and celebrates its ecstatic, doing cartwheels and generally being excellent human beings, it is basically a sport-wide holiday.

But there is a point where it goes too far …

Oh dear.

Zambia’s K Stars was doing so well. It’d scored! It celebrated! The players were flipping! All was right.

And then it forgot that soccer was still a thing.

Pro-tip: Soccer is always a thing.

* You scored a fucking goal and are fucking happy so fucking celebrate, you fuck.


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