Daniel Sturridge’s legs continue to revolt

Here we are again: Daniel Sturridge, the would-be savior of Liverpool and all of England is injured and will miss an extended stretch of time with a new hip injury. According to England national team coach Roy Hodgson, Sturridge arrived at camp with discomfort after picking up an injury when Liverpool played Manchester United on Sunday (commonly known as the Take A Knock Derby).

Sturridge was taken in for a scan, one which revealed a tear in his hip muscle. It’s possible that he will miss a few weeks. England is set to take on Lithuania today and travel to face Italy on March 31. Hodgson:

“I’m a little bit disappointed for Daniel Sturridge, because when he came to us, he didn’t really feel that the slight problem he felt would be any problem at all. When we did the scan and it turned out that there was a problem, he was absolutely devastated, because he didn’t want to leave us. There was no option, because he had a slight tear, and you can’t play through that.”

Waaayyyyyy up I feel blessed… @chubbsview tunes nutssssss it's nutsssssssssss…

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It wasn’t supposed to be this way! Two months ago, Sturridge was #blessed. We were celebrating his return (the most recent one), popping bottles and tossing confetti after he scored 12 minutes into his comeback from a bad thigh injury. We were ready for Liverpool to regain its high-flying 2014 form with Sturridge, Sterling and Suárez Balotelli finally playing together, putting on the greatest show in England. Steven Gerrard was still alive back then, too. It was a different time. Things were simpler.

A calf injury in October, a thigh injury in November, now a torn hip muscle in March. Daniel Sturridge’s legs seem to want no part of his success. It’s unfortunate.

Liverpool — currently five points behind Manchester United — still has reasonable dreams of a top-four Premier League finish, but it appears it will have to do so without one of the most dynamic scoring threats in the league. Now England is left to pin its over-dramatic hopes on the back of the current fourth greatest British man alive, Harry Kane. He plays professionally for Tottenham, so no good can come from this.

When Sturridge posted that video of himself singling along with “Blessings,” I joked that Drake music would only make him more fragile. I was concerned he’d have another serious injury soon. I had no idea that I was evoking real medical science. Let this be a grim lesson to all young players.



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