Fenerbahçe’s Emmanuel Emenike wasn’t feeling it, subbed himself off

One man’s dream is another man chore. No matter what your chosen method of employment may be, there will come a day when you’re sick of it and everyone around you. There will be yelling, names will be called, and the reputations of a few coworkers’ mothers will be called into question. It happens. Black out rage at work is an important part of the process, especially for high-pressure competitive gigs like professional athletics.

Fenerbahçe’s Emmanuel Emenike had his moment this weekend. At home (an important detail), against local rivals Beşiktaş, Emenike wan’t having his best afternoon. After one clumsy touch too many, the fans let him have it, raining down boos like a torrent of confetti upon a new lottery winner. Maybe his breakfast wasn’t sitting right, maybe he was being harshly criticized by the press, or maybe whoever he was texting the night before hit with the “sorry, I fell asleep” reply.

Whatever the cause for his disposition, Emenike wasn’t feeling it. He hastily took his shirt off (the number one sign of rage for soccer players, rapper-esque R&B singers and toddlers) and decided it was time to be subbed off.

Because Europe is Europe, and Turkey is as eastern as Eastern Europe can be, I assumed the fan abuse was of a racial nature. I had to read three stories about this before I accepted that this was just some good old-fashioned booing (though the Daily Mail alleges that some of the fan noise may have been racist). If it was the organic, wholesome variety of fan backlash, that makes Emenike walking off even funnier.