Live blog, Orlando City vs. Vancouver: The longest trip in Major League Soccer


Kevin Brown March 21, 20159:42 pm

FT: Orlando City 0-1 Vancouver Whitecaps

It’s a historic, first ever loss for Orlando. Kaká is surely considering a new career in real estate.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20159:39 pm

Orlando 0-1 Vancouver

96′: Rivero with the set piece dagger!
Unleash the inaugural season sads!

Kevin Brown March 21, 20159:25 pm

All I am saaaaaaaaayiiiiiiinnnng….

is giiiiive me a goooooooooooooooal

Kevin Brown March 21, 20159:19 pm

Someone in ORL has a “Release the Brekken” sign, right?

Kevin Brown March 21, 20159:13 pm

FAV if UR Dad

Kevin Brown March 21, 20159:09 pm

Pics or it didn’t happen. Don’t lie to the people.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20159:07 pm

Collin flipping out that Manneh wasn’t executed on the spot for this 2-footed challenge.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20159:00 pm
I’m really sitting here hoping that Kaká swings on somebody. Not even sure what’s going on in the game.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:55 pm

Kaká is taking shots and aiming at fans now. It’s coming. He’s going to take a dark turn. I can feel it.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:52 pm

In about a month, I’m going to start arguing that Amobi Okugo is the key to OCSC’s success. It will be based on nothing factual.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:48 pm
Let this image marinate for a minute. You know I’m right. 

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:44 pm

I haven’t posted a random chart yet. This one is important. Not sure what it’s trying to tell me, but it has more green than red, so that was a solid half for Morales.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:40 pm

Canadian optimism! Catch it!

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:37 pm

I certainly hope so. Ricky needs to get his people together at halftime. For the sake of my personal entertainment. 

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:35 pm

HT: Orlando City 0-0 Vancouver
Aye, MLS, I am not here to live blog scoreless games.
Fix this.


Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:29 pm

Probably thinking about Chick-fil-A

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:26 pm

Adrian Heath may already be the best sideline performer in MLS.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:23 pm

Once a game, Brek Shea needs to fire one at his own net. Just because.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:20 pm

Kaká being all Designated and whatnot.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:18 pm

April 15 approaches. #StayWoke

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:14 pm

We may have to start calling Orlando “Diving Ass Orlando”.
Adrian Heath wanted a penalty for Kevin Molino. Opted to used very un-Disney language.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:05 pm

Kaká is way too expensive for Koffie to foul people like this anywhere in his vicinity. Yellow card.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20158:02 pm

Brek Shea the Defender brings a tangible sadness to these broadcasts.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20157:54 pm

“Folks in the [Orlando] supporters section know how to mug for the cameras. They have a lot of experience.”


Kevin Brown March 21, 20157:50 pm

If Kaká serves up a nice pass for you, and you don’t finish it, you probably have to apologize for fear of eternal damnation. 

Kevin Brown March 21, 20157:46 pm

Speaking of basketball, I wonder how long it will be before the Whitecaps sign Steve Nash to a DP contract.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20157:36 pm

Quality celeb / sports crossover sighting for Orlando. Hopefully the halftime entertainment is people winning a raffle for the opportunity to get dunked on.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20157:29 pm

No Vine for Orlando, but Aurélien Collin is back. He tried to murder David Villa in Week 1, but avoided a longer suspension.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20157:25 pm

Vancouver using a Vine for its starting lineup graphic demands respect. Even if Gershon Koffie looks like he wants to be anythin g but a Whitecap.

Pedro Morales and Kaká on the same field should lead to some televised fanciness.

Kevin Brown March 21, 20157:14 pm

Orlando City SC vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

Ricky Kaká and the Fightin’ Floridians welcome the Whitecaps, who’ve traveled 3300 miles from British Columbia to not go to Disney World.

The new boys of the league are faring well so far (possible match-fixing), but a road trip from VAN to ORL is about as MLS as MLS can be. Let’s see if Kaká survives more than 65min of this.

The Whitecaps are 1-1-0 coming in and have surprisingly only scored twice. With an important piece missing from a brand-new OCSC back line, they’ll probably double that total today.