Live blog, Schalke vs. Bayer Leverkusen: Straddling Germany’s last Champions League spot


Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:24 pm

Congratulations, Bayer Leverkusen. You get a Champions League place!

Unless, you choke, which is kind of your thing, but it’s also kinda Schalke’s thing. So…

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:23 pm

Schalke fans left early so they could get in line for next season’s Europa League tickets.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:23 pm

I feel ya, Roberto.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:20 pm

It’s a good thing Schalke have that frightening players’ tunnel because that’s what some of the stadiums they’re going to play at in next season’s Europa League look like.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:16 pm

Fuchs is hurt and Schalke have used all three of their subs. The conspiracy is so real.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:13 pm

The world is conspiring against Schalke, which is new for them because usually they conspire against themselves.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:10 pm

Somehow, that is NOT a handball. Things are going well for Schalke.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:08 pm

If Bayer win, they’ll jump Gladbach for third place, which means no playoff to get into the Champions league group stage.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20153:05 pm

Schalke have sent nearly everyone forward, but they can’t actually get the ball forward. That’s not ideal.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:59 pm

Schalke aren’t getting Max Meyer many touches, which explains why they’re totally useless. And worthless. And seriously get him the ball.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:54 pm

Bayer subbing Calhanoglu on for Son is really problematic because I want to watch them both together. Pretty rude not to give me that chance, in my opinion.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:47 pm

“You can get up now. I bought your dive.”

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:38 pm

Fuchs has a go on the half-volley and it juuuuuust goes wide. COOL THINGS ONLY IN THIS MATCH.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:36 pm

If they canceled this match and made it a free kick contest, we would all be winners.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:31 pm

It would be surprising to see Schalke lose this game and just fall out of the Champions League picture. If they aren’t going to make the top four, classic Schalke would overtake Bayer then blow their lead in the last few matches.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:17 pm

It’s halftime with Bayer up 1-0 because Rolfes makes pretty basses and Bellarabi murders the ball when he shoots.

Schalke’s Champions League hopes are slipppppping away.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:12 pm

Schalke made a 42nd minute substitution, not due to injury. So ya, things aren’t going swimmingly for the home side.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:11 pm

I’m telling you, this league sustains the flag industry.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:07 pm


Bellarabi takes a perfect through ball and from a sharp angle just decides to hit the ball as hard as he can at the goalkeeper’s head. It worked!

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20152:00 pm

This is how you intimidate a ref.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20151:47 pm

The best players for both teams have been their goalkeepers. So yes, it has been really, really, really fun.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20151:45 pm

Bayer Leverkusen got knocked out of the Champions League this week because they stupidly went in on a bunch of challenges and conceded set pieces.

Credit to them for consistency, though. They’re doing the same thing today!

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20151:39 pm

The Bundesliga is going to be so great next season when we don’t have to depend on illegal streams to watch. RIP GolTV.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20151:34 pm

A win moves Schalke level on points with Bayer for the final Champions League place. Draaaama.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20151:30 pm

Wow, Schalke making a late case for us to root for them on account of AWWWWW!

Also, Max Meyer is great.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20151:28 pm

The Bundesliga sustains the entire flag industry.

Ryan Rosenblatt March 21, 20151:27 pm

It’s a 4 vs 5 matchup in the Bundesliga, and we’re rooting for Bayer Leverkusen because they’re fun and Schalke’s miner’s tunnel gives me nightmares.


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