Hartlepool defender decides to have some fun with vanishing spray

Given that magic vanishing spray is inherently comical, like a cream pie in the face, or West Ham United, there have been sadly few amusing incidents involving the chemical encroachment-buster. Despite David Luiz’s best efforts.

Credit, then, to English fourth-tier club Hartlepool United for this moment during Tuesday’s 2-0 win over Oxford United. Much to the inevitable delight of the fans, referee Pat Miller goes down injured on the edge of the box (though given the lack of contact and the exaggerated fall, it may well have been a dive).

Hartlepool defender Scott Harrison picks up the stricken official’s can of spray and starts to draw around his body, like a cop sketching a chalk outline around a corpse. When you’re cut adrift at the bottom of League Two, I guess you take your entertainment wherever you can find it.