Is this Cristiano Ronaldo swearing at the Bernabéu crowd?

To some, Cristiano Ronaldo is in a slump. He’s lost his girlfriend, isn’t yet dominating the high-end footwear industry and, apparently, is now cursing out his own fans.

Toward the end of Real Madrid’s weekend encounter with basement-dwelling Levante, Ronaldo was caught muttering “fodanse” (“fuck off”) either under his breath or to the crowd. For the purposes of proper interneting, we will assume that he was directing his bile toward the Bernabéu crowd because that’s what a human does while getting heckled by ticket-holders at home.

It’s unclear whether Ronaldo’s anger was directed towards the crowd in general or whether he saw someone who looked like Lionel Messi in the stands. What it clear is Cristiano doesn’t appreciate getting booed, whether by Madrid fans or Messi. It’s also clear that it would be all sorts of amazing if Messi was in the stands booing. Let’s believe that, shall we?

Next stop on the Ronaldo express? Manchester, no? OK, fine, Major League Soccer it is.


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