Please, tax anything but our bacon

Bacon might be the current trendiest breakfast meat – so if you love the smoked pork product, don’t click this Ozy article unless you want your dreams shattered. Yes, you probably know what’s coming: Bacon, as it turns out, creates all kinds of health and environmental issues tied to its meat production.

But the author, Laura Secorun Palet, goes a step further: the piece floats the idea of putting a tax on bacon.

We know, right? But stay with the reasoning – the story likens bacon to other recipients of so-called “sin taxes,” like alcohol and cigarettes.

First, there’s the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, or, in layman’s terms, pig farts. Turns out the methane that pigs fart and burp out contributes to nearly 15 percent of the gas screwing with our planet’s climate.

Second, from water to medicine, one pound of meat requires many more of our resources than one pound of grain.

And yet another issue has with happiness is how it relates to the way soybeans are cultivated for animal feed. The more pigs there are to feed, the more soybean-based grain needs to be produced. And that, as you can imagine, is causing major destruction of rainforests.

We get what this article is saying, and we care – really. But why is it always the good stuff that ruins everything? Why can’t lima beans be the main contributors to the environmental crisis?

Are we going to tax everything that brings us joy? Will we be charged when Channing Tatum takes his shirt off? What about when we watch Channing Tatum eat bacon?

These are all important questions – and until then, we beg politicians, keep your hands off our bacon. And Channing Tatum. Please?


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