The Mourinho family possesses shared traits that should earn them their own reality show

The Chelsea Fun Train (pun absolutely intended) just keeps on rolling! With each new dawn comes a new story that makes Chelsea haters and neutrals alike point at the blue chunk of the London map and laugh like Flavor Flav.

Today, it’s a revolt in the youth ranks as José Mourinho’s son, José Mario, takes shots at Chelsea fans for booing Cesc Fàbregas this weekend, calling them “the worst he’s ever seen” (in his 15 years on this earth) and “a disgrace”, in an Instagram post that has since been deleted. Thankfully the intrepid reporters at the Daily Mail screen-capped all this gold beforehand.

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“Why is everyone hating and blaming Fabregas for Sunday’s performance… It was a team effort.

“Fabregas might have not played as well as most expected but at least he kept fighting… Showed a lot of character, I’ve seen bad Chelsea fans but Sunday was the worse I’ve ever seen, Fans booing Cesc not singing at all, I completely agree with the chant ‘Mourinho’s right, you’re fans are shite’

“Our fans are a disgrace!!!!” – José Mario Mourinho via Instagram

It brings me boundless joy to know that being 💯 is a Mourinho family trait that’s been passed on to the next generation. Imagine family dinners with them as they all go around the room airing grievances about each other in deeply personal and smug terms. Who wouldn’t watch this on television every night for at least an hour?

“That’s why every single staff of Chelsea hate Chelsea fans!! Oscar has created a lot of our chances… Willian and Ivanovic are probably the players who track back the most they don’t stop running Ivanovic has saved us this season, scored so many goals and helped beat Liverpool with their s****y youngsters… Willian put the cross in… You need to remember who you are talk to and realise I know a lot more than you.” -José Mario Mourinho via Instagram


It’s a shame that the post was deleted, presumably on the orders of Pops Mourinho when some PR intern nervously e-mailed him to tell him about it. Ol’ dad probably sat his boy down and explained that lashing out at customers fans is bad for business club morale

Now that I know Mourinho’s son’s — a goalkeeper in Fulham’s youth system — middle name is Mario, I want to go back and reevaluate the way he treated Mario Balotelli back when he coached him at Inter Milan. There may have been some psychological factors at play that we weren’t aware of. Perhaps the elder Mourinho subconsciously saw Balotelli as a physical representation of his son’s future, and that caused him to be overly critical of the young striker.

Does that make any sense? Who knows, but it’s a published theory now. Don’t worry, José Sr., you are obviously raising your son right. Respect.