Sunderland fans have had enough of Gus Poyet

Sunderland fans are furious.

A generally terrible Aston Villa spanked an even worse Sunderland 4-0 today at the inappropriately named — especially today — Stadium of Light. But that isn’t really why Sunderland fans are angry. They probably aren’t even angry because all of Villa’s goals were scored before halftime.

The anger probably has more to do with Sunderland collecting three points exactly once in its past 12 games. That, apparently, leads people to burn season ticket cards for the Vine.

But a little protest burning on a Vine isn’t the only noteworthy expression of disgust made by Sunderland fans today. Today at the Stadium of Darkness Light, Sunderland fans tried to have a proverbial “go” at Sunderland manager Gus Poyet, during the game.

That was during the game, as Poyet sat on the sideline “managing.”

Fans, en masse, also stood up and walked out before halftime. The planned exodus was a statement, presumably to Sunderland owners, that enough was enough — Poyet had to go.

After the game, Poyet basically said that he would walk out on himself, too, if he was a fan.

But Poyet isn’t a fan, so he’ll stick around until he’s told he’s no longer needed, which is sort of unfortunate given how Poyet, not too long ago, was being celebrated.

But that’s manager life in the 21st century.

Now, oddly, the man who defeated him today, Tim Sherwood, a man’s who’s been widely ridiculed since his tenure at Tottenham, is the one being celebrated. Times certainly do change. Quickly. A year ago Poyet might have been the star of hot Vines, but now the only Vines of note he’s co-starring in involve torched membership cards and grown men clumsily trying to fight him while he’s at work.

Now it’s Sherwood’s turn to be a star. It’s Timmy Time and he really needs to focus on enjoying it while it lasts.

Vine fame doesn’t last forever. It’s only a matter of time before these Sherwood Vines start becoming dark.


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