This fan changed his name to Mix after Diskerud scored New York City FC’s first goal

We have been warning you. Mix Diskerud needs to be stoppedbefore it’s too late. Only it might already be too late.

Last week, a young man made a cry for help on Twitter, casting out this hope that the new MLS season would bring his Warholian (or somebody else’s) 15 minutes:

Diskerud did his part, and now we have one too many Mixes running around.

By the time enough people catch on to what’s happening, we’ll be living in one nation under Mix, tweeting to each other in meaningless haikus. Only then, tweets and name changes will be the least of our concerns. By that point, you’ll probably start wondering why Mix Diskerud is shaping America’s foreign policy. And it will definitely be too late.

God help us all.


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