Jermaine Jones is diving into high art

Is there still a debate about who the coolest person in American soccer is? Better question: is the debate over who the coolest person in American soccer something that even happened in the first place? Regardless, the answer is Jermaine Jones.

Jermeezus has somehow found another way to advance his “Savior of quasi-domestic soccer” status. Now he’s dropping masterpieces on Instagram (below) like it’s no big thing, as if contemplating his art wouldn’t lead you to a transcendental state, leaving you with the clarity of mind to be the best midfielder on the continent.

As beautiful as the art itself is the heartfelt criticism and appreciation that appear in this photo’s comments. IG art aficionado “coffeeandchronic” — a name that tells me he appreciates the finer things — replied with the positive vibes of “I knew u had fire in u son,” because Jermaine Jones is a truly inspiring individual. He makes us all want to be be better and elevate to a place of Lee Nguyen-dom, but not so great that we win MVP awards. We don’t like that sort of personal attention.

How do we introduce Jermaine to the curators of the great American contemporary art collections, like Swizz Beats? Jones’ work would have a fine place in the Dean Collection.


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