Woodland CreatureCrush Wednesday: Celebrating the return of Luka Modrić

What, you’ve never heard of Woodland CreatureCrush Wednesday? It’s a special segment of #ManCrushMonday, dreamt up by some crazy person who does not believe Luka Modrić is worthy enough to be an #MCM.

Real Madrid Victory Parade After UEFA Champions League Final

Ha. As if that skirt didn’t speak for itself.

Luka is a warm-hearted, caring soul, always making free with the hugs.

Real Madrid v Barcelona - Copa del Rey Final

He’s also not shy about getting up close and personal with some of the planet’s biggest names.

Real Madrid CF v Sevilla FC - La Liga

Ronaldo, so used to hogging the spotlight, is willing to give Luka some love here. Why? Probably because Modrić is simply unparalleled in his role in central midfield, something Real Madrid discovered — to their detriment — when an injury kept Luka out of action for four months. Four long, long, long months.

The world was a sad place. Oh, how we missed those silky tresses … I mean, passes. No, I mean tresses.

Real Betis Balompie v Real Madrid CF - La Liga

Come to think of it, that’s probably the real reason Ronaldo’s getting all cuddly with Luka. He’s hoping to get some free stylin’ tips.

Although, looking closer at that photo, the attraction for some might lie a little further, ahem … south.

The rear view’s not so bad, either.

Real Madrid CF v Athletic Club - La Liga

Let’s face it, Luka Modrić is the entire package. Resplendent hair, loving personality, cheeky grins, snug-fitting shorts, and an irreplaceable player to boot.

And just think of the gorgeous children you’d have.

Real Madrid Unveils New Player Luka Modric

Welcome back, Luka. We’ve missed you. All of you.