Watching the World Cup From Inside Brazil’s Craziest Street Party

During the World Cup, only a small number of soccer fans actually get to witness the games from inside a stadium.

Most of us end up cheering, celebrating, biting our nails and partying in one of the many famous “watch parties” around our respective countries.

Since 1978, the most popular gathering in Rio is by far the “Alzirão.” What started as a group of friends trying to enjoy the game while having a beer at a bar has become a huge event that welcomes about 30,000 fans every time the Brazilian team competes for the coveted Cup. The square where the party takes place is located in in Tijuca, a lower-middle-class neighborhood just a few blocks away from Maracanã, where the final will happen in a couple of weeks.

Pedro Andrade watched the match between Brazil and Mexico inside the event and saw firsthand how soccer can bring together all types of people and break all kinds of social barriers.

Credit: Pedro Andrade and Joanna Suarez