Spain vs. Chile in GIFs

La Roja eliminates La Furia Roja

It happened to France in 2002, to Italy in 2010, and now to Spain: The World Cup champions have crashed out in the group stage. Let’s look at the GIFs.



Jorge Sampaoli, the World Cups’s most obsessive coach.



Well, well, well. Vidal, over on the right flank, plays a through ball into the right channel where Charles Aránguiz made a smart run. Aránguiz settles the ball and then plays the ball across Casillas’s goal box where Eduardo Vargas, inspired by his Jordan tattoo, taps it past a scrambling Casillas. And it’s all gone wrong for the defending World Cup champs.

Air Vargas celebrates by making an “A” for “Air,” I guess.

Del Bosque is getting more animated. That, or he’s imagining that he’s playing the cymbals in an orchestra, in which case he needs help.



You can’t help but watch this and wonder how Jorge Sampaoli expresses his love to those who matter to him. I’m thinking his expression of love might be a little too intense.



Xabi Alonso wants your ankle. Now.



Real or fake emotion? You be the judge. I don’t trust it, though. Too quick of a transition from emotionless to excitement. That’s a red flag. He also has a red flag on his back. So there’s that, too.



First Spain lost an empire, and now this. Here’s the second Chile goal. Enjoy, or curl up in a fetal position and weep. Your choice.



One often overlooked celebration metric is the sunglass displacement rate. Here, the Chilean fan registers a .83, almost completely knocking his sunglasses from his neck. Impressive.



Poor Busquets. I’m about to start lighting candles.



And if you think Busquets is the only one suffering, he made Vicente Del Bosque do this. THAT’S BAD. Also, the assistant behind Del Bosque needs to stop copying the boss. He’ll never advance until he learns to stop copying people. This is basically emotional plagiarism.



This is Spain’s Luke Skywalker. That’s how bad things have gotten for Spain. Also, the Torres for Costa substitution is a major setback for horse placenta science.



Isla nearly makes it 3-0. Champions rarely get to exit with grace.

Sometimes all you can do is eat popcorn, pick your nose, stroke your mustache, or give the thumbs-up to no one in particular.


Spain and Australia are the first two teams to be eliminated from the World Cup. REPEAT: THE DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPIONS ARE OUT OF THE WORLD CUP, HAVING CONCEDED 7 GOALS AND SCORED 1.