Chilean Fans Break into Maracanã

UPDATE: Fusion’s Leon Krauze was on the scene when the Chile fans stormed in:

“I was walking into the Maracanã Media Center when a group of 50-100 Chilean fans mobbed the area. They ran towards the back wall, where they started pushing and banging until they opened a couple of holes, knocking down perhaps 30 feet of wall and at least three large TV screens. They then stormed a back tunnel, which apparently circles the stadium but also may lead directly to the field. They were finally stopped 50 feet from their initial entry point, where they were ordered to sit down while being surrounded by stadium security staff.”

This is footage of dozens of Chile fans bum-rushing the Maracanã’s media center just before the match with Spain.

The Guardian is reporting that many of the fans were detained but that some made it into the stadium (and published a great photo of those who were captured sitting, under guard, beneath the stadium).