Argentina vs. Bosnia in GIFs

Messi strikes in Argentina’s opener at the Maracanã

What else could a fan ask for? Argentina and Lionel Messi in Brazil’s greatest stadium, the Marcanã in Rio. Will Argentina be there on July 13? Maybe, maybe not, but it would start today for Argentina against talented World Cup first-timers Bosnia. Let’s look at our favorite GIFs.


Let’s get to the best part, Messi’s goal. He dances past two Bosnian defenders, makes them look foolish, and places perfectly, low and just inside the post.


200-2Bosnia are a very skillful team. Here, they display some defensive tiki taka.
200-1Lucic header that almost caused Pjanić! at the Disco.
200-3Hajrović’s free kick didn’t go in; but don’t bet on the next one staying out.
200 The Argentines aren’t the only ones out there having fun. Here’s an Izet Hajrović chance.
200-4Let’s end where we began, with who else?