Spain vs. Netherlands in GIFs

Two soccer giants meet in their opener. You’ll never guess what happened.

No one could have predicted this. In a repeat of the 2010 final, Spain looked to defend its title against Holland. There were no karate kicks but there was revenge. Here’s how it went down in Salvador, Bahia.

The Dutch, sans Orange, during their anthem. So far, they’re not fighting.


Man, Xavi is short.


It’s not a karate kick, but it’s nasty.


Wesley Sneijder is through…oh, save by Iker Casillas!


Ah ha, De Jong is lurking.


Penal? Eh, tough call.


Xabi Alonso puts it away expertly. Spain takes the lead.


David Silva’s chip is just wide.


Will this be the goal of the tournament?


Let’s relish this from another angle, shall we?


High five…almost.


Give this man a towel.


Bald is beautiful. Arjen Robben slots one home.


My left foot: Look at how he brings this one down. Nice front this angle.


“Can’t we all get along.”


DeVrij heads in at the far post. What’s happened to Spain?


Nope, the flag is up. No goal.


What on earth happened here?


Anyone have an Advil for Del Bosque?


Check this out from Robben. 5–1 to Holland. Who’d a guessed this?


This is what they saw from the Dutch bench.


OK, so he can’t dance.