These NASA Photos Show World Cup Countries Like Never Before

Satellite view of 2014 World Cups countries

Even NASA is getting into the World Cup fever. (Photos courtesy of NASA/Collage, Fusion)

NASA is getting into the World Cup phenomenon by doing something special for the contenders fighting it out in Brazil.

NASA (with all its satellite might) has created a Flickr album featuring stills from space of each of the 2014 FIFA World Cup participating countries and some of their most iconic landmarks.

Some of these sights may be familiar. Some of these sights be leave you awed. One thing is for sure, it will make you definitely believe that soccer unites the world.

Host nation, Brazil: The Sao Simao Reservoir

Birthplace of FIFA France: Swirls in the waters off France

Home of the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal: The city lights of Portugal

2018 future World Cup site Russia: Kondyor Massif in Russia

Last World Cup’s Champion Spain: The Solar Towers in Spain

and good ole United States of America: The USA with it’s major cities dotting the land

To see the whole album you can visit NASA on their Flickr account.

All photos courtesy of Credit: NASA Earth Observatory