Mexico vs. Cameroon in GIFs

Bad calls, pouring rain, and a little NFL action in Natal

Day two of the World Cup got under way with Mexico, here thanks to Graham Zusi, taking on yellow-clad Cameroon, the Indomitable Lions of West Africa. It was, uh, intense. Have a look.

Mexico’s players are always passionate during the national anthem, today in the pouring rain of Natal.


Ah, Miguel Herrera was made for gifs. This is the first, it won’t be the last.


Ugh! Second horrible call in two games. This should’ve been a goal for Mexico.


Samuel Eto’o hits the post. We nearly saw his old man celebration.


This time he got it right, that crazy linesman. Dos Santos was offside here.


A beautiful day for a game. Let’s play two!


A right cross to face. As Howard Cosell would say, “Down goes Gaurdado! Down goes Gaurdado!”


Mexico is offside here (again), but how was Oribe Peralta not on target.


Kick save and a beauty!


Aren’t NFL training camps still a month away?


Mexico finally score…and it counts this time. Peralta’s goal is reminiscent of Landon Donovan’s vs. Algeria four years ago, but not as dramatic (unless you’re a Mexico fan).


One game, three gifs for Herrera. Told ya.


Wow, FIFA’s goal line technology confirms the obvious: Gol!




Again, we thought the NFL pre-season starts with the Hall of Fame Game.


Danger here for Mexico but this cross is cleared out of the six-yard box.




Oh, what a save! Guillermo Ochoa goes horizontal on Benjamin Moukandjo’s header.


Adios mio! Chicharito misses in stoppage time.