Soccer vs. Sex: 40% of Men Would Pick World Cup Game Over Bedroom Games

Don’t be surprised if your man picks soccer over you this summer

With the World Cup in full swing, 40% of men say they’d rather watch the game than have sex, according to a new survey by Durex, the condom company . But wait, there’s more: 42% of men admit that they’d purposely speed things up in the bedroom to make it over to the TV more quickly.

The poll, released this week, provides some valuable insight into how the World Cup will affect fans’ sex lives. Two thousand men in the UK were surveyed in relation to Durex’s #dontfakeit campaign, in reference to faking injuries on the field, which is common practice in soccer. Here’s a dramatic reenactment of what faking it on the field looks like:

Just how much do soccer fans hate it when players pull the fake-injury card? Of the 2,00 men surveyed, 70% of those said that faking it on the field ruins the game for everyone. For some perspective on how seriously fans take the fakes on the field: one in three participants said it’s worse to fake it on the field than it is to fake it in the bedroom. World Cup viewers are a merciless bunch. More from the Durex poll:

  • 40% of Men Would Turn Down Sex to Watch Football This Summer
  • 27% of Men Have Thought About Football During Sex
  • 42 % Will Try To ‘Get It Over With Quickly’ In Order To Watch A Game

While the survey might be somewhat depressing for those who are looking for love and affection this summer, it does show that women aren’t the only ones who turn down a bedroom session in favor of other activities.

“There is a well-worn stereotype of women making excuses to avoid sex but it seems that when the football is on, the tables are turned,” said a Durex spokeswoman in a press release sent to Fusion.

In the spirit of World Cup compromising, though, here’s some good news. Thirty-seven percent of participants say they’d gladly have sex with their partner, on one condition: they can still keep an eye on the game while getting intimate. The lesson is clear: keep the TV on in your bedroom and everyone gets what they want this summer.

The survey was carried out on 4 June 2014 with 2,000 participants by market researchers 72 Point.