Your Ultimate World Cup Twitter Guide

The best way to watch the World Cup might involve keeping your eye on another screen


Why Watch & Tweet?

If you can’t watch a World Cup match, then you should be on Twitter following micro-rants that break news and breath life into a digital stream. (Actually, you should be reading our live blog, which will be delivering so many gifs that you’ll feel you’re watching the actual game.) Even if you can watch, you might still want to have Twitter open on a second screen. Why? Because it’s like watching with a bunch of your friends–really smart and connected ones, funny ones, and a lot of idiots–except you don’t have to smell, share a bathroom with, kick out, or clean up after any of them.


How to Follow Specific Teams & Matches

To find and share content specific to a country, simply follow and use the applicable hashtag. Each of the 32 countries has a three-letter abbreviation. They are:


Group A: #BRA #CRO #MEX #CMR

Group B: #ESP #NED #CHI #AUS

Group C: #COL #GRE #CIV #JPN

Group D: #URU #ENG #ITA #CRC

Group E: #SUI #ECU #FRA #HON

Group F: #ARG #BIH #NGA #IRN

Group G: #GER #POR #USA #GHA

Group H: #BEL #ALG #RUS #KOR

Twitter has gone the extra step this year with the #Hashflag. Use a three-letter country hashtag & that country’s flag will appear (note: hashflags aren’t working in Tweetdeck. *boo*).

Each specific match has a seven-letter hashtag: the three-letter country abbreviation, the letter “v,” and the other three-letter country abbreviation. So, the first match of the World Cup will be #BRAvCRO.

Here is a full match list.


If you want a rich World Cup Twitter experience, follow these people. Tell them we sent you. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our Twitter list and you’ll get a curated feed of their footy morsels. You might also want to follow official team accounts or World Cup players.

Keep in mind there are thousands of worthy accounts in the Twitterverse, but these meet our stunningly subjective standards. Whereas some settle for less, we ask for it all–namely, knowledge, insight, humor, willingness to engage with people, and good looks. Granted, looks in 140 characters or less can be deceiving. As a final disclaimer, there are people NOT on this list whom we love dearly. Similarly, there are people ON this list whom we would avoid at all costs if we were to encounter them at a cocktail party.


@soccergods – Powered by @churchofsoccer & @nutmegradio, it’s the voice of and our daily TV show on @ThisIsFusion, featuring @nandorvila, @simonfusion, @zacrigg & @pablosanchis.

@alexilalas – Alexi is as truthy as they come. Smart, insightful, funny. He writes songs, too, and appears in popular music videos.

@LeanderonFox – He’s good regardless of the medium. Follow the Fox columnist for all things #USMNT and Holland.

@PCarrESPN – Stats and footy. Draws from the @espnstatsinfo firehose.

@KyleMartino – You’ve seen him talking #BPL for NBC. Former pro. You won’t find a better head of hair on television.

@BrianStraus – The Starsky to Grant Wahl’s Hutch. Or the other way around. Follow him for #USMNT madness.

@TaylorTwellman – Joins a dangerous ESPN commentary crew. Former pro.

@GrantWahl – Sports Illustrated’s titan. Ran for FIFA president. Also a very nice guy.

@soccerinsider – Washington Post footy guy, embedded with the #USMNT.

@rwhittall – Writer for The Score, he’s the voice of Canada, at least in terms of footy analytics and finance.

@SamBorden – NY Times Euro footy correspondent.

@StuHolden – Yank and Bolton Wanderer. “Gets” social media.

@BrianSciaretta – All things #USMNT. NY Times and elsewhere.

@dougmacespn – #USMNT insider for ESPN.

@KayLMurray – beIN Sports host & presenter extraordinaire. Embedded with England.

@domfifield – Expect Three Lions galore from this Guardian/Observer footy wiz.

@david_conn – As smart as they come, writes hard-hitting pieces on footy business for the Guardian.

@sgevans – Never disappoints, Clever insights.

@ShakaHislop – Candid ESPN analyst. If only Trinidad & Tobago had qualified…

@kidweil – *nods* Grantland/Guardian writer Graham Parker.

@AndrewDasNYT – Smart. Funny. Playful. No, this is not a Match profile.

@soccerpolitics – Intellectual. Incisive. Laurent Dubois.

@HEGS_com – Argentine footy expert Sam Kelly.

@BeardEric – Founder of @afootballreport, footy culture connoisseur. Funny.


They Know Brazil

@Pele – Ask yourself this: Can you afford NOT to follow Pelé?

@fernandho_duarte – Brazilian journalist for The Guardian and ESPN. #EarToTheStreet

@Tim_Vickery – BBC’s South American footy correspondent. candidate for sexiest Twitter photo

@seeadarkness – Brazilian writer and novelist James Young. #Boom


Euro-Scented Voices

@sidlowe – Few know footy as well as Sid. Fewer know Spain as well.

@Zonal_Marking – Not everyone cares about tactics. Not many know tactics like Michael Cox.

@DTGuardian – Chief footy writer for the Guardian

@JamesHorncastle – BBC, ESPN, Guardian…He writes everywhere, knows nearly everything.

@honigstein – Rafa REALLY knows Die Mannschaft. Writes for the Guardian, SI, and other stalwarts.

@paolo_bandini – The Italian version of @honigstein.


For Added Spice, Turn Up These Speakers

@RayHudson – The beIN Sports commentator is an international treasure. He’s a Shakespearean supernova of linguistic wonder.

@runofplay – Soccer blog godfather of sorts. Cerebral and clever. Grantland staff writer.

@KICKTV – Visual stimulator and mouthpiece for the hilarious @jimmyconrad.

@futbolintellect – Maxi indulges in the ridiculous and knows futbol. Enough said.

@meninblazers – The ubiquitous @rogbennett & @embassydavies (of ESPN/Grantland fame) will find you…somehow. Save them the trouble.

@futfanatico – Prolific blogger and author of “An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish.” Smart. Witty.

@JamesTylerESPN – Writer, editor, fighter and lover. Satire and straight news. Delicious.

@brooksdt – DT stands for Dirty Tackle. Terrible sense of humor. Strike that.

@churchofsoccer – Creator. Curator. Hashtagger. Humorist. #WorldCup Dream Teamer for @ThisIsFusion & @SoccerGods.

@nutmegradio – Soccer Culture & Gear. Jokes and Politics. Spreading the word at @SoccerGods + @ThisIsFusion.

@whatahowler – aka @quraishi. Look at their World Cup edition and tell me you want to read any other magazine.

@soccerdiarist – Author of The Soccer Diaries: An American’s 30-year Pursuit of the International Game and Fusion Soccer’s Deputy Editor.

@freebeermovemnt – Suds and soccer. Argue with that. Dan always runs into important people…and beers.

@PeleOutOfContxt – Photos of Pelé with funny captions. A worthy endeavor.

@BeardedGenius – Unreasonable voice of reason, wry, delightful.


For Piece of Mind, Turn These Ones Down

@SeppBlatter – President of FIFA. If this were a fake account, it would be hilarious. Sadly, it is not.

@jeromevalcke – Secretary General of FIFA. Ditto.


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