If England hired Ali G to Make a World Cup Song, They’d Get This

World Cup time means World Cup songs. There are the official FIFA-endorsed World Cup songs that more often than not feature Shakira or some combination of Ricky Martin, Wyclef, J-Lo, and Pitbull. There are corporate songs like the ones Coca-Cola rolls out every four years. Then there are official and unofficial official country-themed songs like the chart-topping USA country song recently put out by the Soccer Gods.

But there are others. Belgium, for example, has an official World Cup song that was put out in March by Stromae, a Belgian singer who, from what I can tell, is part Reggie Watts, part Ali-G, part Trevor Noah, and all Belgian. The song is called “Ta Fete” (“Your Party”) and features an assortment of Belgium national team players, some sitting in chairs, others standing at urinals, and others generally standing. You may recognize Thibaut Courtois, Vincent Kompany, Belgian national team coach Marc Wilmots (Stromae advises him on team tactics), and Marouane Fellaini’s hair.

The song happens at the end of the video and, really, I could explain more, but you just have to watch it. It’s pretty damn funny.