Shady Soccer App Developers Score Big

AVAST, an anti-malware company, is warning soccer fans of ad-heavy, data-collecting apps disguised as entertaining mobile games. It’s an easy way for developers to make money. The worst offenders, like Corner Kick World Cup 2014, developed by VinoSports, are suspiciously small apps that spew nothing but pop-up ads. The misdemeanor apps occupy a “grey zone” and require access to data that is unrelated to their functionality. FIFA 2014 Free – World Cup is one such app.

AVAST explains:

“Apps that display ads are not necessarily malicious. Plenty of apps, especially free apps, are funded by ads. They can, however, be annoying, particularly when they don’t go away and prevent you from using the app itself. Apps that access more information from your phone than they need to function seem harmless, especially since there is no visible evidence of this happening, but they can cause more harm than you may think.”